Our IT Services & Support


Work-from-Home Technologies

We understand the importance to have the ability to work from home. From having the right equipment to stable and secure remote connectivity, they both tie in together to bring the success that WFH requires.

We can assist with both the hardware and software required to facilitate WFH functionality and affordability. Including automated backup and disaster recovery systems that will give you complete peace of mind knowing that you and your business are taken care off at all levels.


IT Solutions for you and your family

Having a computer system at home doesn’t need to be expensive and it doesn’t need to complicated.

Uncomplicated ease of use regardless of what operating system you use, we can customise your system to suit you and your family.  We cover your security needs and your data protection as well, including backups that keep your valuable data safe.

Contact us to find out more and make your home system the best it can possibly be for you & your family.


Computers & Laptops

We use only top quality components, whether it’s for a new system build, upgrade or repair. There are many promotions for cheap computers and systems that are full of traps. We refuse to sacrifice the quality & performance of our systems because we want to keep you as a valued customer for years to come. We pride ourseleves on the qulaity, performance & reliability of all the systems we build. We actively use the products we sell & recommend, if it’s not good enough for us it’s not good enough for our customers. We can supply you with a system to suit your needs, from a basic budget system right through to high performance systems. We cater for all needs & build systems for each and every customer’s individual requirements.


Network & Internet Security

Security is often an overlooked or undervalued essential service required to protect your valuable data and the activities you undertake over the internet. We continually evaluate security products and can advise you on the best option for your peace-of-mind. We continually assess & monitor products to ensure they are up to date and provide maximum protection. By adopting this logic we provide our customers with what we believe to be the best security products on the market. As with the components we sell, we actively use the security products we recommend to our customers.


Services, Repair, install & Upgrade

New Hardware, from Notebooks & Desktop computers & all other peripherals. Diagnostic testing using the latest technology from Ultra-X Incorporated. Onsite repairs, service, setups and maintenance. Remote support that’s fast and cost effective.

Software that is relevant and required, no more no less.


Data Backup & Restore

Computer maintenance is an essential part of keeping your system running smoothly. Don’t you just wish these tasks could just be performed automatically!

Maintenance of your computer/s can be automated. So can the task of performing backups. We can provide high quality Automated backup Systems. All of our backup systems also include a disaster recovery feature. Now that’s peace of mind.